Enamel Coloured Tumbler



Bornn take inspiration from the fascinating history of enamelware and by using traditional manufacturing techniques that dates back to the 15th century, they design and produce modern, unique, hand crafted pieces to help keep these skills alive.

Bornn make their products by fusing glass onto heavy-gauge steel. Every piece is handmade individually.

This tumbler comes in pink, cobalt, red and chartreuse.

Size: 250 cm

 Handmade in Turkey.

Due to its smooth, non-porous surface made of glass, enamel is bacteria inhibiting and is easy to clean. With right care and use it can last for a lifetime and become a family heirloom and your dishes will look new for generations to come.

Dishwasher safe on the glass setting but preferably hand wash, avoid using wire brushes, steel wool or anything that may scratch the surface.

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